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USA/CA Open Long Cycle Championship

April 26, 2015

Hosted by Progressive Results and USGSF
All entry fees go to Progressive Results and SOG


USA Open (10min lifts)

Men -32kg Pro Division
Women (24kg & 16kg) - with one bell only - with one switch of hands.
Veterans Men (24kg-16kg) - two bells
Veterans Women (One Switch only- 16kg, 12kg )
Amateur Division: Men -24kg &16kg
Women - 16kg & 12kg
Non traditional events & Free Style Long Cycle
LC with two bells -5min and 3min and 1min - 24kg, 16kg, 12kg, 10kg and 8kg
LC with One hand only - 10,5,3 and 1 min only with 32kg- 8kg
Seated Presses 3min only-2x32kg; 2x24kg; 2x16kg; 2x12kg;
2FH for time/Man - 48kg, 40kg; 32kg; 24kg;
2FH for time/Women- 24kg; 16kg; 12kg
Medals & Diplomas

Pictures from 22nd Girevoy Sport World Championship in San Diego

October 2014

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  1-1-usgsf 10-4-14_0504

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 1-1-usgsf 10-5-14_0759

1-1-usgsf 10-5-14_0761

1-1-usgsf 10-5-14_0791

1-1-usgsf 10-5-14_0799

1-1-usgsf 10-5-14_0800

1-1-usgsf 10-5-14_0853

1-1-usgsf 10-5-14_0975

1-1-usgsf 10-5-14_0977

1-1-usgsf 10-5-14_0978

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1-1-usgsf 10-4-14_0171

1-1-usgsf 10-5-14_0980

1-1-usgsf 10-4-14_0630

1-1-usgsf 10-4-14_0637

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