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 Seminar for GS Athletes with Panteley Filikidis, October 3, 2014





22nd Girevoy Sport World Championship!!!

in Conjunction with Senior Olympic Games!!!


October 2-7, 2014 

"Town and Country Resort and Conference Center"

Town and Country Resort aerial 1

Arrival day: Thursday, October 2nd, accomodation of sport delegations

You can make reservation at Town and Country

(при бронировании комнат нужно упоминать USGSF)

Sleeping Room Sleeping Room

Room rates $115/night (2 people in room) breakfast included

Friday, October 3rd:

  • IGSF Conference:9:00am - 11:00am 
  • Weigh-in:12:00pm - 2:00pm 

Saturday, October 4th:

8:00am - 9:45 Opening Ceremony

10:00 - Men Classic Event (32kg)

              Jerk and Snatch,

              Jerk Only

             Snatch Only

          Women (16kg) - Snatch


USA Open/Amateur:

       Men(24kg)-Jerk and Snatch

       Jerk Only

       Snatch Only

      Women (12kg)- Snatch

Sunday,  October 5th:

         8:00am - Veterans Classic

         Men (24kg or 16kg) Jerk and Snatch

         Jerk Only

         Snatch Only

        Women (16kg or 12kg)- Snatch


Non-Traditional Events:

Marathon: Free Style Jerk or Snatch (1 hour) 24kg or 16kg;

Semi-Marathon: Free Style Jerk or Snatch (30min) 24kg or 16kg;

Seated Presses with two 32kg or 24kg for 3 min;

Seated Presses with 40kg one hand only (no change of hands) 3min;

Holding Giri for Time using two fingers only 48kg: Click Here


Monday, October 6th: Free time to explore San Diego area

Tuesday, October 7th: Departe of Sport Delegations

Registration Fee: First Event Veterans (40+) - $105 (as part of Senior Olympic Games/ winners get two different medals and T-shirt).

All other Athletes Men And Women: First Event - $70

Second Event - $50; Third Event - $30;

Any additional Event - $20.

Registration Form


General Addmition: $12.00 for a day ($2.00 from each sold ticket goes to Progressive Results Inc. a Non-Profit Organization which work with wounded veterans and underprivileged children)


Under the guidance of IGSF this World Championship expected to be the most exciting event in last 22 years of existence of IGSF (The oldest organization in the World of Girevoy Sport).


















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